3 Ways To Reignite Your Failing Course Launch

Published on October 31, 2019

Congratulations! You’re in the middle of your course launch.  BUT you’re not seeing those sales flood in. It feels like the whole thing is failing – it’s a scary moment!  You’ve planned it out and this isn’t how you had envisioned things would go.

Now what?

The number one rule is never abandon ship! It’s going to feel like you’re not going to get any sales, that people aren’t going to apply, that the price is too high, that the messaging is wrong, or the sales page is wrong. You’ll come up with these excuses. Don’t! 

The one thing that you cannot do in the middle of the launch is to shut it down. Not only will you be leaving those who have jumped on board stranded, the crew will lose confidence in your leadership.  If people have lost confidence in you, that’s hard to come back from. But, what you can come back from is a bumpy start, so don’t lose confidence in yourself.

You have a plan so stick with it and you’ll stay on track.  You may need to adjust your path, but the final destination remains the same – a successful launch and course sales.

You also need to remember that 50% of sales come through in the last 24 hours. More often than not, it’s in those last few hours.

Now, if you’ve sailed and abandoned ship earlier, you’ll never see those sales come in and you’ll never know what you could have achieved. Never give up and stay on track.

In everything we do, there’s always room for improvement.  If you want to boost your course sales, don’t focus on what you didn’t do to kick things off.  Instead, focus on what you can do to turn things around.

Here’s three things you can do to reignite your launch:

1. Live Interviews

Live interviews are great to reignite those core sales, organically! Look at people you’ve worked with, identify those that have achieved some truly amazing results and reach out. 

Offer them the opportunity to chat to you about your content, your process, their experience, their wins. The key is that you have helped get them there. Be sure to make those points in your interview and slip in references to the new program you’re selling. 

Get these people on a livestream. Broadcast it to Facebook. Now save that interview and reuse it as a podcast later. 

Something else that will be effective here is an affiliate link. Once you’ve finished your interview, offer them a new opportunity to be an affiliate.  

Now you’ve not only got live interviews, you have affiliates, you have content there to give you social proof and validation, and importantly everyone is going to see the results that you’re getting for other people.

2. Case studies

Dig deep into your case studies and share a story.  Get onto a live stream and go through a case study. Talk about a fun experience you had working with someone or a transformation. Talk about where they came from, what they did and how you worked through that. What were the results, what was hard about it, what was easy about it? At the end let people know about your launch and how you can help them. 

Case studies allow you to show that you can deliver on what you’re selling. They’re are free resource that you can pull together. 

Live video creates an experience that’s relatable. It’s not pre-conceived, it’s not scripted. This is knowledge you’re sharing. So, when you do this with a case study, people connect with you.

3. Add value to your course by stacking bonuses

Stacking bonuses keep up the momentum in a launch. People often use time bonuses to get people in the door. That’s perfect. But if you’re not getting those sales in, throw in another bonus. Just make sure you do the right thing and give the additional bonus to everyone who has already purchased. If you want, you can stack the bonuses one after another.  Each day of the launch, you announce another bonus, so people are getting great value leading right up to that last 24 hour window. 

Remember, 50% of your sales are going to come in at the end of the launch. If you’re stacking these bonuses, you’re adding value and you’re enticing more people on board. 

You’ve got a great success story to tell with case studies and live interviews.  Combine that with value-adding bonuses and you’ve reignited your launch.  

So, do not abandon ship. Regroup and reignite. There are always opportunities to build momentum and that is the perfect thing about launches.

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