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In today’s competitive market, having a great marketing strategy simply isn’t enough. The key to scaling your business and making a lasting impact lies in offering exceptional, life-changing courses that genuinely resonate with your students.

As a seasoned business coach for course creators, I firmly believe that the foundation of a thriving, scalable business is built upon the high-quality courses that add immense value to your students’ lives.

With my expertise and the innovative Lifetime Student Value Framework™, I’ll guide you in maximizing your students’ lifetime value, empowering you to scale your online courses for sustainable growth and profitability. Let’s embark on this journey towards your business transformation together.


  • $3MM+ in online course sales for clients in service-based online businesses.
  • Developed multiple 6-figure go-to market campaigns in the online education industry.
  • Coached influencers with 1MM YouTube subscribers, business coaches with 300k+ social followers, consultants with email lists of 100k+.
  • Key contributor to learning design for membership site with 22k paying members at a 4k new member per month acquisition rate.
  • Specialty is in developing highly-engaging curriculum, increasing student retention rates and mult-channel; sales strategy for launching online courses and programs. 

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